Sister Stories: Conquering Cancer in Africa

With early detection and access to treatment, cancer is survivable.   (Producer/Writer Penny LeGate, Protographer/Editor Danny Gadd, 6-minute video, filmed in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, September 2014)

City Stream: WE CAN Summit, Dar es Salaam,Tanzania, Sept. 2014 - To be told you have cancer is never an easy thing. But imagine living in a country where there`s virtually no information, little access to treatment, and scorn from your community. That`s the way it is for women in Africa who are diagnosed with the so-called female cancers--breast and cervical, but some very powerful women in Seattle are working hard to change that. (September 2014, 6-minute video)

ASCO Cancer Treatment Summaries

An ASCO Cancer Treatment Plan and Summary is a form that provides a convenient way to store information about your cancer, cancer treatment, and follow-up care. It is meant to give basic information about your medical history to any doctors who will care for you during your lifetime.

Using the treatment summary, your current oncologist can enter the chemotherapy dose you received, the specific drugs that were used, the number of treatment cycles that were completed, surgeries done, and any additional treatment that was given (such as radiation therapy or hormonal therapy).


Sustainable strategy for conquering cancer globally.  Dr. Julie R. Gralow talks about the successes of the Seattle-Uganda partnership in the fight against Cancer at TEDxAntananarivo 2011: Ideas for Women Cancer Control in Africa.


Controversial new evidence suggests that mammography screening for women in high-income nations may have diminishing value in light of effective modern treatment options. But for women in lower-income nations, mammography screening is not enough of a priority, treatment is poor and women face greater risk.  Panel discussion.

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