2016 - Nairobi, Kenya


The Women’s Empowerment Cancer Advocacy Network (WE CAN) and our partner the US National Cancer Institute Center for Global Health, held our 3rd East African Breast and Cervical Cancer Education, Outreach and Advocacy Summit April 22-23, 2016. The 2-day summit and workshop was held at The Fairview Hotel in Nairobi, Kenya.

This two-day program included a day focused on clinical education of breast and cervical cancer and a workshop day focused on building advocacy skills, sharing of practices and developing advocacy goals. This year’s summit aimed to improve understanding of metastatic disease.


The global cancer agenda and the role of WE CAN and the US National Cancner InstituteJulie Gralow, MD, University of Washington (UW);

Global Cancer Agenda; JoAnne Zujewski, MD, US National Cancer Institute (NCI)

The role of advocacy in cancer policy:  the policymaker perspective: Alfred Karagu, MD, CEO, National Cancer Institute of Kenya

Biology and treatment of breast cancerJulie Gralow, MD, University of Washington (UW)

Breast cancer pathologyShahin Sayed, MD, Aga Khan University Hospital

CASE 1: Management of metastatic disease in a resource-limited settingSitna Mwanzi, MD, Consultant Medical Oncologist and Program Director, Department of Medicine, Aga Khan University Hospital

CASE 2: Treatment of locally advanced disease in a resource-limited setting; Jo Anne Zujewski, MD, NCI   

Surgical management of locally advanced breast cancer in a resource-limited settingPeter Bird, MD, AIC Kijabe Hospital

Cervical cancer causes, risks and prevention; Emily Wu, MD, University of Washington

Early detection and patient navigation for cervical cancerBenda Kithaka, Women 4 Cancer Early Detection and Treatment

Treatment options for precancerous lesions of the cervix: opportunities and challengesNelly Mugo, MD, KEMRI/KNH/UW

Palliative care for breast and cervical cancerEsther Munyoro, MD, Kenyatta National Referral Hospital

Psychosocial support for cancer patientsPhillip Odiyo, Faraja Cancer Support Trust

Supportive care during and after treatmentJulie Gralow, MD, UW

Education, awareness, peer-to-peer and group support training and implementation  for metastatic patients; Bridgette Hempstead, Founder, Cierra Sisters

Adaptation and implementation of Reach to Recovery tools for peer-to-peer supportCatherine Ngaracu and Katheke Mbithi, Reach to Recovery International

Coalition building for increased impactDavid Makumi, MD, KENCO, Kenya

Developing and advocating a policy agenda for cancerLouise Turner, Breast Health Foundation, South Africa 

Strategy and resource mobilization for cancer care and supportShaira Adamali, Faraja Cancer Support Trust 

WE CAN Advocacy Toolkit and Knowledge Summaries for Breast Cancer Control; Allison Dvaladze, MPH, UW

Photo Gallery  (Photo credit:  Carolyn Taylor, Global Focus on Cancer)

Nairobi WE CAN Summit attendees
Nairobi WE CAN Summit attendees

View more photos in our photo gallery (Photo credit:  Carolyn Taylor, Global Focus on Cancer)

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