2015 - Bucharest, Romania


The seventh WE CAN Eastern Europe/Central Asia Breast and Cervical Cancer Advocacy, Education and Outreach Summit was held in Bucharest, Romania, October 22-23, 2015.  The Summit was co-sponsored by WE CAN at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance/University of Washington, the U.S. National Cancer Institute Center for Global Health and HomeCare Association/Asociatia "Ingrijire Acasa," and brought together survivors, advocates, medical professionals, policy makers, government representatives, and others from 16 countries in the region.




Irina Frenkel.The Creative Approach

Khilola Kakharova.Firuza Abdullaeva.Early detection of breast cancer at the level of primary health care

Nadezhda Kobzar.Breast and Cervical cancer  detection screening in Kazakhstan (Russian)

Nadezhda Kobzar.Experience in the treatment of benign cervical disease (Russian)

Nadezhda Kobzar.Screening to detect breast cancer and cervical cancer in Kazakhstan

Nadezhda Kobzar.Рус. Анфиногенова А.Г.

Nadezhda Kobzar.Рус.Скрининг по выявлению рака молочной железы и рака

Nargiza Bakirova.WE CAN Summit_Kyrgyzstan_NB

Tina Beruchashvili.Advocacy for Breast Cancer  Survivors

Julie Gralow.Treatment options in LMIC_Adjuvant Treatment and Systemic Therapy for Metastatic Disease


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