Attendees of the 3rd annual We Can East Africa Breast and Cervical Cancer Advocacy Education & Outreach Summit, held in Nairobi, Kenya in April 2016.

WE CAN Eastern Europe/Central Asia Breast Cancer Advocacy, Education and Outreach summits were held in Vilnius, Lithuania in 2003 and 2011. Dr. Julie Gralow, head of WE CAN, presents with the town dignitaries.

The March For Life and Hope was organized by the Ukrainian breast cancer support group, Amazonki in 2005. This march brought together breast cancer advocates and physician from 11 different countries in Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

While the risk of Ugandan woman developing cancer by age 65 years is about 30% lower than her counterpart in Europe, her risk of dying from cancer by this age is actually twice as high. In Uganda, the Uganda Women's Cancer Support Advocacy Organisation supports breast cancer survivors.

In 2013 an estimated 189,500 Chinese women will have been diagnosed with breast cancer.

Attendees at a Bishkek, Kyrguzstan conference in front of the Kazakhstan Pink Ribbon bus.

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What We Do

Women's Empowerment Cancer Advocacy Network (WE CAN) is an advocate organization for breast and other women’s cancers around the world. We connect medical professionals, patients, advocates and policy makers to change the face of women’s cancers around the world. Our summits and other projects have brought about change in Eastern Europe/Central Asia, Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Patient Stories

Testimonials from breast cancer survivors and advocates from around the world. Their stories have touched many and their personal connection to cancer advocacy makes our work that much stronger.

News and Publications

Scientific publications from WE CAN members, media stories about WE CAN and our members’ advocacy work, and links to video and audio clips of some of our talks.


Upcoming Breast Cancer Education, Outreach and Advocacy Summits and other WE CAN events around the world, and summaries and presentations from past WE CAN events.

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